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Corporate Message

NEW ART represents
a dream business group.

We harness the full power of art
to deliver beauty, health and well-being to you.

The word “art,” which in the narrower sense refers to “fine art” or “works of art,” is also used in a broader context. For instance, whether you are a company employee, customer or investor, you can talk about the “art of living” in reference to how you express yourself in your own life.

I think business management is also a form of art. We started doing business around 25 years ago, manufacturing and selling bridal jewelry. Since then, we have been expanding into other areas to develop the diverse business organization that we have today. Our success is the result of our implementation of strategies that have been carefully designed to bring together the various elements that each business needs to boost brand awareness, plan and develop new products and services, and advance overseas as well as increase profitability. Going forward, we will continue to enhance our business design capabilities to achieve further growth and maximize corporate value.

Our corporate mission statement refers to “Keep up the spirit of innovation”. Creativity is an essential component of design skills. The NEW ART Group is striving to achieve a state in which all its employees are good “designers” with an innovative and creative mindset and the ability to draw on the power of art so as to support the well-being of customers and the future of the Company. This is our mission and desire.

Yukio Shiraishi, Chairman & President