Investor FAQs

When was NEW ART HOLDINGS established?
September 5, 1994.
Can you tell me about main business?
Please refer to President's Message page.
When is the accounting period?
March 31 every year. Financial results are announced every quarter.
Can you tell me the risk factors?
Please refer to Risk Factors page.
I would like to know the trends of latest performance.
Please refer to Financial Highlights page.
I would like to see management indicators.
Please refer to Management Indices page.
I would like to see materials on the financial statements and IR information.
Please refer to IR Library page.
Please tell me the date of listing and listed stock exchange.
In December 2004, the company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ market.
In April 2022, Change to Standard market.
Please tell me your security code. Also, I would like to know the information on your stock.
It's 7638. For our shares, please refer to Stock Information page.
Is the trading unit several shares?
When is a General Shareholders Meeting?
Please refer to IR Calendar page.
Please tell me stock distribution.
Please refer to Shareholder Information page.
Would you tell me about shareholder incentives and dividends?
APlease refer to Distribution of Profits page.